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Financial Literacy Corporate Trainer, Speaker, & Writer

I am Michelle of Michelle Knows Money. I work with businesses and organizations to provide expert training, speaking, and writing on a wide spectrum of financial topics.

I work for businesses and organizations who want their employees to experience financial wellness through financial literacy education.

Allow me to empower the people in your organization, to reach a higher level of hope and wellness. Discover how financial literacy education, good systems, and research-based strategies can change your employees lives for the positive. In addition to positive personal life changes, it will also create a positive ripple effect on their employers and their overall community.

Financial Coaching


Available to train a wide spectrum of money topics utilizing current research-based research and facts. Can create any class or workshop to meet your businesses goals and needs.

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Financial Speaking


Available for financial speaking engagements. Keynote and motivational speeches included.

Available for writing gigs of all types.

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Financial Writing

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Other Requests

Available and willing to make a guest appearance.

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Who needs financial literacy education?

  • Do you have money left at the end of the month?

  • Do you have savings–, at least six months of your salary?

  • Do you have debt worrying you?

  • Do you have good systems that make keeping track of money easy?

  • Are your finances “scattered” and not organized?

What’s in it for my employees and our company?

  • Less stress about money

  • Control and clarity over finances

  • Renewed directions and goals

  • Potentially less fear surrounding your finances

  • Potentially more hope for your future

  • Knowing you can handle your own money and make wise choices

Michelle Vigil Financial Coach

Meet Michelle

I am a financial literacy corporate trainer, speaker, and writer completing an AFC® certification.

I work with businesses and organizations to provide expert training, speaking, and writing on a wide spectrum of financial topics.

I can assist you or your organization through blending a culmination of twenty-plus years of professional knowledge, experiences, and resources. I bring life to financial literacy and money management with thought-provoking questions, resources, and stories.

Allow me to empower those in your organization; to reach a higher level of hope and wellness.


“Michelle was my 10th grade teacher in Business Management. Michelle gave me the tools to learn the importance of paying myself first and managing my money. She taught me so much about actual real life situations and how to handle them in a way that would come to benefit my future. I am forever grateful for the knowledge that was shared with me in that class. I also went to one of her financial seminars a few years after graduation and was given a great refresher on money/financial management. I highly recommend listening to the advice Michelle has to offer!”

Nikki Pellman, WY


Articles & Insights

The confidence, tools and willingness to solve the money issue yourself with guidance, resources, and an accountability partner (me).



See how you can build the confidence, use tools, and create a  willingness to solve your money issues through guidance and, resources with an accountability partner (me!) to keep you on track.

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