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Michelle confesses to Bob Wheeler her guilty pleasure: beauty products

Bob Wheeler, CFO of the greatest stand-up comedy club in the world #TheComedyStore headlines a new podcast: Money You Should Ask! Chatting with celebs along w/ entertainment guests about choices, starting out with little & living an abundant life.

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What is the secret pleasure that you spend money on? Join Bob & Michelle Vigil of Michelle Knows Money for a humorous yet informative conversation about money mindsets, human capital, and secret spending. What’s your guilty pleasure? Michelle loves beauty products. “I’m trying to transform myself from a raisin into a grape,” she says. There’s no shame in spending a little cash on things you love when you budget for it. Michelle Vigil is a Financial Literacy Trainer, Speaker, and Writer. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with clients who desire to attain long-term money management. Michelle currently works for the University of Wyoming Extension as the NE Community Development Educator. She trains on a variety of subjects: strategic planning, board training, Financial Literacy, community development, plus more.

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