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Michelle talks about paying off $157,000.00 of debt with Lisa Duke

Lisa Duke is a money and business coach who also runs STS with her husband, Darren Duke. Ms. Duke is an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) and is becoming a Financial Fitness Coach (FFC®). She is currently in training with The Life Coach School. She is a graduate of The Financial Coach Academy and The Mindful Millionaire.

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https://lisaduke.net or join the Money Club for free on Facebook at https://lisaduke.net/MoneyClub


What was the moment that woke up Michelle and led to her paying off $157,000 in debt? Join Lisa Duke in the Money Club to learn more. Michelle R. Vigil is a financial literacy trainer, speaker, and writer who is completing an AFC® certification. She has been teaching Financial Literacy for over twenty-plus years and has paid off $157,000 in three years (five years ago). Michelle works with businesses and organizations to provide expert training on a wide spectrum of financial topics.

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