What is a money coach?

  • Money coaching is working with a certified professional to reach your financial goals.

  • Money coaching helps people to understand one’s behavior, habits, and attitudes toward financial resources.

  • A money coach can assist you with creating your best financial systems with resources, while guiding you through mental roadblocks that keep you broke and scared.

Everyone has hurdles with their thinking and needs help generating ideas that can get over that hurdle. A money coach can assist you with those hurdles in your mind and help you to take positive action toward your future. 

Michelle can assist you with

Basic money management skills

Setting up a budget

Credit score building

Debt repayment

Savings strategies

Stepping down your spending

Purchasing homes & vehicles

Insurance concerns

How to read financial statements

And much more!

Everyone needs help dealing with their money.

Putting together your financial picture takes planning and then action.

Shame and guilt are not my style.

We can work together to get you where you want to be, with ongoing support. 

Michelle Vigil Financial Coach

Do I need a money coach?

  • Do I have money left over at the end of the month?

  • Do you have savings, at least six months of your salary?

  • Do you have debt that is worrying you?

  • Do I have good systems that make it easy for me to keep track of my money?

  • Are your finances “scattered” and not organized? It is tough to know what you have to work with?
  • Are you paying late fees to anyone?
  • Do you know how your credit score is helping or hurting you?

  • Are you leveraging all your resources to make the most possible?

  • Do you have a team of people to help you if you need judgement-free help?

  • Could my quality of life be better? How? Do you need help refining your goals and dreams?

What a Money Coach is NOT:

  • A magic pill

  • A quick fix for years of poor $ decisions

  • Marriage counseling

  • Debt consolidation

  • Money coach doing your work

Only you can decide whether you need a money coach. If you decide the answer is yes, please contact me today!

Some FAQ

  • Less stress about money
  • Control and clarity over your finances
  • Renewed directions and goals
  • Potentially less fear surrounding your finances
  • Potentially more hope for your future
  • Knowing that you can handle your own money and make wise choices

I help professional women who are or have experienced divorce, conquer their finances so that they can live a lifestyle that makes them feel secure and strong.

  1. A quick orientation for all clients
  2. Discuss your individual concerns and determine how best to help you, using strategies, tips, and current resources. You may or may not have homework, depending on your goals.
  3. Follow-up, after the session.

The confidence, tools and willingness to solve the money issue yourself with guidance, resources, and an accountability partner (me).

Remember, everyone needs help at sometime in their lives, doctors cannot do surgery on themselves and need other professionals.


How to prepare for your money coaching session

  • Go to my calendar and choose your financial coaching dates then pay for your sessions. 

  • Please complete the Client Intake Form and Financial Coaching Contract (below) prior to your first money coaching session. Complete it at least 3 days prior, so that I can review it and be prepared for your session. It gives me a clearer view of your concerns and where to begin helping you with your financial picture.